Sunday, May 31, 2009

Christian is 2!!

There is a story behind this cake....First of all, I was completely ready to make an actual cake that looked like Lightening McQueen and also make cupcakes using Cars cupcake holders. Had everything ready, and then all of a sudden time started creeping up on me. You know how all of a sudden you get that sick gut feeling that you aren't going to have time to do everything you wanted? Well I got that feeling....Thanks Price Chopper for the cake. Funny thing about the car on top. Since we literally have @ 15 Lightening McQueen's, I grabbed the newest looking one, sanatized it and stuck in right on the cake. Christian saw me do it, and he threw a fit!! Apparently, Lightening doesn't belong on cakes, he belongs on roads! So I finally got him to stay on the cake after several attempts and several sanatizes! I think by the time Christian had like 5 other McQueens in his hand, he didn't care about the one on his cake!

Just a little more sprinkles will do the trick!! Christian loves sprinkles!! Wait until I download the picture I took this weekend of his hotdog!! It is really funny...err...gross??? You can decide, but he ate it. More details later...
He loved opening presents!
This present was a "hit" It only took 2 times of hitting the ball/tee right on top, until he figure out to hit it from the side. A baseball player in the making, daddy is so proud!! He loves this gift, in fact I still have it inside b/c he plays with it so much.
Uncle Nanny (Nathan) and Aunt Shirley (Ashley) came up for the weekend. Christian's BD happened to fall on Memorial Weekend so they got to spend the whole weekend with us!! We call Ashley, "Aunt Ashley", but the night they came (arrived @ 10:pm) Chase was either really tired or really excited, actually a combination of both, so he piped out, "When is Uncle Nanny and Aunt Shirley coming???" I thought it was Hilarious!! Too bad Aunt Ashley already has the cute nickname, "Shugee" or else she would have the cute name, "Aunt Shirley"

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kami's 9th Birthday!

Happy Happy Birthday!! Kami wanted a Tier cupcake cake. As you can see that is what I attempted to make without reading the directions! As I am finishing up, I thought, why is this leaning so much? Well as my mother always says to me, "Tiffany, you have to read the directions or it won't turn out" Most times, I can get away with it, a little dash here, a little pour many eggs was that, oh well, one more won't hurt....but this time, mom you are right, I should of read the directions!! I don't think the girls noticed!!

Kami and Sarah
Kami wanted to have her Birthday Party at home this year because she wanted to "invite like 20 million friends". Thank goodness we don't know 20 million people, but we do know 28 kids. I thought maybe half would show up....all but 26 came!!! We are so glad though because we had a great time.

We had pizza, cake and ice cream, and then played a really fun game of Music Jeopardy. If you look in the bottom right hand corner of this picture below, you can see a big wall. Walker got the projector and made the wall into a theatre screen. It was massive. He used his jeopardy computer program and had the questions all about music...Jonas Bros, Hannah, Miley etc. The girls were split into 2 teams and it got crazy from there!! After the game, they watched Hotel for Dogs on the wall. It was seriously just like a theater. The girls had pillows, blankets etc. So much fun. All of this actually was supposed to be outside but it was pouring rain!!

Heart of Hospice

George (my father in law) received the 2009 Heart of Hospice Award.
They held a very nice banquet at the Troy Country Club honoring him and all that he gives to Hospice. It was a very wonderful night and the kids were very well behaved. The only mishap we had was when Reverend Schweigardt (only New Yorkers have names like that) gave the invocation and Christian started a fit only to knock over the glass full of water all over the table. Beyond that, it was alot of fun!!
I am amazed at how well Christian eats!! He loves fruits and vegetables!! Kami is a great eater too, Chase is a little picky, but hey, we are all healthy!! Despite all the candy we eat (Christian's favorite sign is "candy")

A little bored but still on their best behavior! Christian loves to eat my Cherries out of my diet coke!!
I absolutely love this picture!! I am thinking AT&T would love it too!! Can you guess why?? Take a look and see....
More Bars!! What a coincidence!

Daddy and the boys!

Again, I just love this picture, Daddy hand in hand with his 2 boys. He is such a wonderful father and wonderful husband.

Chase's Track Day

Chase had his kindergarten Field Day and boy, was he fast!! You can see the determination in his eyes!! It was alot of fun and these kids were so excited!!
GET SET........

GO!!!!! And he's off!!!! Go Chase!!

Run Chase!! Don't let a GIRL beat you!!!
(It is so funny that I say that, I don't think one boy beat me in anything until I was in @ 9th grade! I was one tough Chica!!)
Relay Races Tug of War!!
By this time (@2:30) Christian was just about "done". With no nap and a hot day, his patience was running thin. So, I didn't get the best pictures here, but this was really fun. The kids against the parents!! So here is Chase, and to your right (his left) is his best buddy Hayden. Apparently they have been joined at the hip from day one. He is a very sweet boy! The children are pulling with all of their might, and to my surprise, they were quite strong!!
Here is the back side of Walker (like I said if I had 2 more arms I would of had some great shots. Crying baby in one arm, camera in the other, "butt" on another side note, this isn't such a bad shot for me!!) Walker was literally sliding across the gym floor!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I love mommy....

I woke up on Mother's Day only to find that my children and husband had been doing some planning and shopping for me! They made me a very sweet card (see below) and bought me some nice gifts.
This is the card they made, on the back they each wrote something to me.

After a wonderful day at church, we then went to grandma and grandpas, had a wonderful Mother Day's Lunch at the club and then did a couple holes of golf.
Grandpa giving Chase pointersKami loves to play golf, she is a natural.

Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful Mothers!!

Mother's Day Tea Party

Kami's classroom had a Mother's Day Tea Party this year. Her class was the only class in the whole 3rd grade to do one so we were very privledged. They greeted us, escorted each mother to her chair, and got us our "tea" (lemonade) and cookies. My oh my, don't those Linens look good!!
Kami singing a song about how much she loves me!!It was really a nice treat to come to her classroom. It is very rare that anyone gets to go into the classroom know a days, so it really was nice.
Mrs. Pavlick took pictures of all the kids through out the year and gave them to us on a disc to have.

My beautiful NINE year old!! Can you believe she is 9!!! I love you Kami!! Thanks for a fun day!

Crazy Hair!!

My mohawk baby!!
A Rocker in the Making

Easter Brunch at the Country Club

Happy Easter!!!

Wow Christian!! Look at all your eggs!!
Candy, candy, candy!!
Taking an Easter Egg Hunt Break!!

Not a chance!

Dying eggs before bedtime!!

Where is Christian?

Christian is such a stinker....literally. As of lately, when he needs his diaper changed, he runs and hides. Usually it is on one of the couches with his head buried in the cushion because if he can't see me, then clearly I can't see him...

So it was definitely time to change his diaper and so he runs, only this time I can't seem to find him in his normal hiding place. So I am looking and looking and really can't find him. How hard is it to find a 2 year old hiding??? Isn't that the question of the day!!!

So this if the first thing I saw when I finally found him. Curled up under the bench!! I just had to laugh (and grab the camera!!) Since then, his hiding places have started to become more unique!! Like I said, What a stinker!!! I guess my next option would be to just follow my nose!

Happy Birthday!!

The boys favorite thing to popsicles!! Christian goes straight to Grandma's freezer and pulls with all his might (not quite strong enough) to get a popsicle. However, Christian has learned to only eat half a popsicle, throw it away and go get another.
Happy Birthday Kami and Grandma!!
Their birthdays are close enough that we do a celebration at once!!
April is such a busy birthday month...Grandma Sue, Grandma Bah, Uncle Randy, Kami, Aunt CeeCee, Uncle I forgetting anyone??? If so then Happy Happy Birthday!!

Dog Sitting

Let me begin by telling you that my two boys are deathly afraid of dogs, especially Chase. They have never been attacked to my knowledge (and I know everything), they are just scared. So when I was asked to dog sit for 9 days, needless to say, Chase and DADDY were not happy with me accepting. Daddy isn't afraid, he just doesn't want our house smelling like dog.
So, after the first night of Christian crying for hours (this is going to be a long 9 days....) he decided that Gabe isn't so bad after all. He also discovered that Gabe really likes carrots.
Best buds!
Hugs!! Gabe is a very patient dog, although, my children were very gentle with him. We told the kids this was their test. If they helped walk the dog, pick up poop, play with the dog, then we would get one. Well they surpassed all of our expectations!! Kami even picked up poop, and Chase took him for a walk to go poop!! Chase has made it very clear that we are now allowed to get a dog only if it is like Gabe. Gabe is @ 12 years old, he has pretty bad arthritis and is an epileptic dog. He is very very calm and non threatening!! Anyway, so when the owners came to get the dog, we were all crying. It is amazing how quicky one gets attached.