Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!

Christian is the goofiest kid ever!! He always makes one of 2 faces, either the "scowl" that I have already posted or this look, whatever you want to call it, where he pushed his chin back and stares!! It is the funniest thing! I love it!!

I only thought it was fair and considerate of me as a loving, thoughtful, dedicated wife to get my husband some Nike+ running shoes so he can distance all of his runs. With his drive and COMPETITIVE spirit, he is going to TRY and outrun my time and distance with my half marathon. I thought I'd give him a running start with some good shoes. Although, I must keep my guard up, he as already done some tricky, sly things when we run. For instance, I run 6.5 miles on a given Saturday, he then goes after me and runs 6.7, he is a stinker. I love my hubby and wouldn't change him for the world......unless he outruns me. Then we will have issues!!

Happy Fathers Day to a wonderful father and perfect husband!!
We love you daddy!!!

Kami's Softball

Kami completed her 6th season of softball. She is such an athletic girl. She loves all sports and can through a pretty wicked spiral in football. Thanks Uncle Chrissy for the pink ball!!
Kami and Sarah

Kami bringing in a run

Good Hit Kambo!

Chase's Baseball

Chase finished his first year of Baseball. He did such a good job and really learned alot.
Accepting his award

And eating alot of pizza!!


We are alive and kickin'!!! We have not disappeared off the face of the earth. Between a very busy summer, and a crazy obsession with vampires (yes, I jumped on the bandwagon and read the twilight series...couldn't put them down....every spare second I got my nose was buried in the books!! We'll see how I do with aliens (the host)).
I hope to now catch up on my BLOG which may take a while, I believe I am back in June so lots to do!!!
Go Boston!!! We are still feuding Yankees vs Red Sox, notice in this pix, Walker and Christian do not have any Red Sox stuff!! I am indifferent, but I do have to support my son Chase!! So as for now, Go Red Sox!!