Friday, February 27, 2009

Still in Florida!!

I love this picture of the boys!! Their faces so much about their personalities!!

This is the Mt Everest roller coaster at Animal of Kami's favorites!! Chase would have absolutely nothing to do with it!! Walker really wanted Chase to ride so he came up with a very devious plan!! Kami needed to be walked to the front of the line in case she got "lost", and heaven forbid any strangers talk to Chase and daddy had to walk her up. Chase found out very quickly that once you are at the front there is no turning back..(so daddy says). Poor Chase, my very cautious child, had to ride the horrifying rollar coaster and to make matters worse....he is in the very front row!!!! He survived and rode 4 more times.....willingly!!! What a champ!! Hooray Chase!! (Kami is behind Walker)

Diggin up bones...I'm diggin up bones!!...

Animal Kingdom is by far out favorite of all the kingdoms!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hot Grandma!

"Donkay", as Shrek says, was fascinated with grandma taking our picture. His words were, and I qoute, "She is a fine lookin' grandma, she is sexy!" Chase, is again, MIA. He wanted nothing to do with Shrek or the flirtatious donkey. He was perfectly fine sitting in the stroller!!

This is right outside of our hotel. The kids had alot of fun walking around, jumping on mopeds and chasing the birds!!

Curious Morgans

This was Curious George's theme park. The kids had a "ball" there. There was a huge room, the size of a gymnasium, 2 stories high, where balls were going everywhere!! Chase probably had the most fun here, that is why he is no where to be found!!

Scientists in the making!!

The kids had a so much fun going down this slide. It was a harmonical slide. Everytime you went down it, it sounded like you were blowing into a harmonica!

Our Winter Vacation

These first four pictures are supposed to be the next four pictures after the airplane. I need to buy blogging for dummies. I can't figure this out!!! Anyway, we are at the water taxi anxiously awaiting to start the fun day!! Kami is having a great time posing, while mommy is walking away from another child "posing", aka....throwing a staged fit...... on the ground!!

In late January, we all packed up........despite EVERYONE throwing up......and took a nice warm vacation to Orlando Florida. We were able to go to Disney World, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure! We have decided we want to be in Florida for the winter and New York for the summer! Anyone care to join? I chose to stay away from the camera on our departure day. I believe I had turned a couple of shades of green by the time we were on the airplane. I was the last to get sick....except for grandma. Her adventure started 2 days later!