Monday, June 1, 2009

Memorial Day Fun

Weeeeeee! Christian can swing all day!

The problem is finding a "pusher" all day!!

Chase loves Uncle Nanny!!

Just Hangin' Out!

Here was our wonderful BBQ with the family!! We had so much food and FUN!
Ashley and I talked the whole time while we made the food, and the men did the meat grillin' (and veggie pattie grillin'). Ashley and I had quite the appetite after just finishing a 6 mile run in 50 minutes!! For anyone of you "Northeasterners", you know that we couldn't of asked for a more beautiful day!! It was perfect!! Such fun memories with family!


There is no story to this picture, all I am going to say about this shot is this is what I hear when I don't answer sweet, adorable, patient Christian quick enough...
On a side note, have any of you gotten the scary email where you are supposed to follow the red dot all of the computer screen, usually while looking at in the background peaceful pictures and soothing music? Then all of a sudden there is a crazy, rediculously scary person or "thing" on the screen which makes you scream?? Well I think Christian could be that scary person in this picture!! He really is a sweet boy I promise!!