Sunday, October 4, 2009

Chase's Last Day of School!!

We are sooooo proud of Chase!! He completed his first year of Kindergarten at Chango Elementary School. He went 2 full days and 3 half days, so the transition into full day 1st grade has been a breeze!! Congrats Chase on a great year and thank you for letting mommy volunteer in your classroom ....(he always told me that I was not allowed to come to his class, but I never listened! I was always there!!)

Spies Like Us

Kami and Sarah are watching you....
Very Closely....

They love dressing up as spies to spy on the boys. Usually by the time they are all dressed up.....

OOOPS, the boys have caught on and it turns into a mad house from there!!!

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Christian and Derek are Best Buddies!! They follow each other around and do everything the other one is doing!! They are so fun to watch!!

Monkey See, Monkey Do.....

Monkeys Sleep!

Friday, October 2, 2009

My 34h birthday!!

I remember thinking like 20 years ago that 30 was old. A mom with 3 kids was old.....and now I am that.....but I don't think that I am old!! I feel younger every year!! I just wonder how ancient Kami thinks I am!!!

Christian and Kami's little fingers are testing the frosting......just to make sure it's not poisonous. While Walker and I went on a date, Grandma and the kids made a wonderful birthday cake!!

Kami me matching clothes with her so we could be twins!!

When we got to Grandma's to drop off the kids, I get a phonecall from one of my girlfriends wishing me a happy birthday. While on the phonecall, I have another friend calling to wish me a happy birthday....coincidence? I think not, within 25 minutes from the first phone call, I received @ 30 calls from friends all over the friends and Walker's friends!! I even received a phone call from Santa asking me if I've been a good girl??!!
It was definitely a fun day with many, many surprises!! If only it could be my birthday everyday.....then I'd really be ancient!

Red Sox vs. Yankees

Walker and Chase went down for some father and son bonding to Boston to see the Yankees and the Red Sox. I cant remember who came home happy and who came sad, but regardless, they had a really good time!

Walker only eats hotdogs at Baseball games. I guess that is a tradition that he started a long time ago. It looks like it is being passed down to Chase!