Sunday, April 5, 2009

Chango Talent Show

Go Kami!! Kami did a wonderful job as she performed at her school talent show!!

Congratulations Kami!! We love you!!!!!!

A Star is Born!

After the perfomance, everyone took time to say Cheese!!

So finally, a month and a half later, I will explain these pictures!! Kami and two of her girlfriends decided to be in their school talent show. These girls did such a good job. They practiced for several weeks, if not months. They perfomed to "You are the music in me" from High School Musical".

Brianne, Kami and Sarah. Sarah is one of our very sweet neighbors.

Beautiful blue eyes!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Let's Play Ball!!!

I know, I know, enough already with the baseball, but I couldn't resist!! The first picture reminds me so much of my husband (well, ok, any picture of my boys remind me of my husband) but this one especially does. Something about the way he is standing, and the look on his face. I love it, and probably since I love my husband so much, I just can't get enough of these pix!!
The cute little smile, don't you just want to eat him up?

He is thinking about something...

And he is ready to go!!

Take me out to room

So, I come home from church on Tuesday night, only to find my living room has been turned into a Red Sox baseball field. Now, you must know we LOVE the Yankees!! We love going to their games, we love chanting, "let's go Yankees" all through the house, we love watching them on tv. However, last week we encountered a problem.....Chase was placed on the Boston Red Sox tee ball team this year! So now our chants are, "lets go Yankees" and "let's go Red Sox" (mommy and Chase sing Red Sox, sis and daddy sing gets pretty loud...) nonetheless, we face our challenge and cheer for the Boston Red Sox (this season only and only when Chase is in the room!)
Kami throwing a curveball to dad!

Christian giving pointers on which way to pitch the ball....

Good throw Chase!!
p.s. any of you home decorators out there...the decorating gene skipped me, any tips on that empty big wall to the left would be much appreciated.
Everyone conspiring about the pitcher, and probably the photographer too!


Say Cheese!!!

Just as Kami was (and is) Christian has inherited the "dirty look". When Kami was a baby, if anyone would say hi to her that she didn't know, she would get the "Look". The gene seemed to skip Chase, but has proudly found fame with Christian. I find him giving the "look" not only to adults, but to his friends. It is so funny!!
Oddly enough, he always does it during prayers. I think when you naturally bow your head to pray, it reminds him of bowing his head getting ready to scowl his eyebrows, and stare someone down!!
What a nut!!

Dreaming of the Easter Bunny

"Please Mr. Easter Bunny, bring me lots of candy"

Good bye snow!!

Finally, the snow has melted!! Kami loves the zip line at Grandma's house.
If Kami can do it, I can do it.......

Grandma, you are too tall!!!!
I love my Boys!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Dancin' machine

Walker and I are about to relive the good ole days.....we are going to boogie at the Morgan Linen Christmas Party!! It's the first time I left Christian with a babysitter and he did wonderful!! Walker and I had so much fun!! All the ladies kept taking him away from me on the dance floor. They were impressed that a white boy could dance like that! He hit the floor, next thing you know, Walker got low, low, low, low, low, low, low.....if I was any good at this blog stuff, I would download that song and play it!!

We really do have beds!!

So let me explain, we really do have beds in our house we just don't like to sleep in them.
Let me take that back, we only like to sleep in mommy and daddy's bed!! Otherwise, anywhere else will do!
Christian feel asleep actually in my arms because I couldn't put him in my bed b/c Chase was in there and I didn't want him to roll on Christian. Why wasn't Chase in his bed? Because only at the Morgans home to we believe in cramming all the kids in one bed so the parents can't sleep!
So Christian is sleeping on the chair so Walker and I can watch Grays Anatomy with out falling asleep.

Kami here is upset that we won't let her stay up and watch American Idol. So instead of going to sleep in her bed, she camps out with Snoopy outside of her door. At least she can hear the contestants singing!! Walker and I thought she was in bed!

Last but not least, poor Chase. After a fun, exhausting night of watching movies in the theatre room, he just can't possibly make it up one more flight of stairs, so he parks right in the middle. I went up right before him and thought he was still down with daddy. Walker discovered him here !!

So, yes we do have beds here at the Morgan household. We will just have them for our grandkids, because our kids just won't use them One morning if I am smart and can remember I will share with you what my bedroom looks like at 6:00 a.m.
A Pack of Sardines!!!

Our Christmas Picture

To all of our wonderful friends and family!!!! Just so you know, we had full intentions on sending a Christmas letter with a picture inside wishing all a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!! So here you go......Happy Easter?