Friday, July 17, 2009

Wrong Blog Name

In previous posts, I have talked about my children and their sleeping habits. No one is ever in their bed...except for Walker and I. I believe there is not a more reoccuring theme in my blog as my children and their sleep. I looked over at Christian who 20 seconds earlier was eating, and he was not there. I looked closer and found him fast asleep. Good Night Christian. is a miracle in the making. My two boys fell asleep in Christian's bed. I believe that lasted @ 3 hours and then up to mommy, but hey, it is a start. So this probably ends the saga of the bedtime story......"The Morgans really do have beds!!"
As my mother would say, "I should write a book". She really has started one with Kami and her crazy sleeping when she was a baby! So funny!!

Good Night.....

My little Superwoman

Kami did sooo well at her 3rd grade field day. I have to say as a proud mother, not a bragging mother, but a proud mother she finished every race in first place. No one was counting (except me), and it wasn't a competition (except in my mind) but she did her best and that is really all that matters (first place, baby!!!) Sorry, I get carried away, I guess I live through my daughter with competition sports!! And, I believe Walker has never beat me in raquetball (well maybe once), I beat him on the stairmaster (when we were dating) and I kicked his trash in boot camp. I have to say, I finally believe him after all these years that he really DOES have exercise induced asthma. I could of sworn it was a cat behind me hissing!! I love you Walker!

My beautiful princess...I love you!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Brotherly Love

So, I have been thinking lately that I should journal a little bit more with my blogs. My sister in law told me that you can have your blogs printed into books. Seems I am not the greatest with my journal next to my bed, in my night dresser, under lots of "stuff" and probably covered with dust....I thought this would be more of an easy solution. So we will see, hopefully I will write more.
With that said, I have to say Chase said the funniest thing to me the other day. As I was picking up the mail from the mailbox, he so innocently asked, "Mom, did we get any mail from Jesus?" I just wanted to squeeze him and kiss all of over. I explained we talk to Jesus and he talks to us when we pray. I don't think we will be receiving any mail from Jesus.
These pictures are at Kami's field day. The boys were just so cute and playing all over the place. Christian is the much more assertive boy of the two. Chase is very passive, Christian is an instigator. Always pushing Chase's buttons, and when that doesn't work he just nicely walks over and waps him on the head. Like I said, Brotherly Love.

Chase is always taking care of Christian and making sure he is OK. He has become quite the big brother.

Chase's Storybook Celebration

Chase's class each were assigned a book that they had to read, draw about, and talk about.
This was Chase's book.....

Here Chase drew about his book. I believe he drew the characters on top of the building running wild.....if you have read the book, you understand....

Chase and his teacher Mrs. Cowan

He decided to dress up as a pirate. This is the first story that "Miss Smith" reads about in her book, so the pirates all come to life on a big ship!

Yummy desserts after! Christian should have no problem transitioning into kindergarten. I was one of Mrs. Cowan's homeroom moms so I was able to go the classroom quite often. I sometimes wonder if Christian thinks he was in kindergarten! He would always do every activity the others were doing.

All the story book kids!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Bronx Zoo

The wonderful adventures of Kami and Walker....

Kami and her dad went with the entire 3rd grade to the zoo for their end of the year field trip
They had a wonderful time despite most of it in the rain!!

I love this picture!! It looks almost fake to me, but these monkeys were real and apparently quite active. The monkey on the far left was teasing all of the other monkeys. He kept pulling their tail and hitting them.
In case you don't know, Kami was born on the same day as Jigsaw, the giraffe at the Little Rock Zoo. So when she was a baby/little girl, we would always collect giraffe items. Naturally, when we see giraffes, we must pose for the camera!

Pink flamingos!!
They had a very fun time and did some great father/daughter bonding!